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10.06.2019 10:12

Beiträge: 150
Dabei seit: 20.04.2018
The bark is old, mottled

The bark is old, mottled and detached, and the layers of grooves are spirally extending around the tree body. The waist of the tree is thick and strong, and it is hard to see that this is a hundred-year-old tree Parliament Cigarettes, ten meters high. However, hundreds of branches are uninterrupted, such as the layer of layers of the umbrellas, and each layer is covered with dense green leaves. It is dense and vigorous, and a large sky is swallowed up by him. I don't know who planted it, and grew up in the middle of the noisy city. Only the four seasons witnessed his ups and downs. The old man witnessed him go old. The child witnessed him grow up Marlboro Gold, but no one really paid attention to his existence. In this way, the people regard him as a long-standing story Online Cigarettes. The old tree is different from the human being. It is vague and ridiculous, weak and sick, and has no sense of direction. The older the old tree, the more frequent the metabolism, the more refreshing and youthful. The veins are clear and radiant, and the target is always high, not brittle, not bowing, not sighing, not unassuming, not weak. Although far away from the jungle, the sea of ??people living in the sea, the heat of the concrete and the shackles, nowhere to drown, I still marvel at the strength of the life of the old tree, the support of the roots of the loneliness of the soil, the silent guardian, the selfless sac I gently touched the deep thoughts of the millennium tree with the emotional tentacles Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It is so persistent and unprofessional. I have not wavered its fortitude in the flow of the year, still looking for a green shade for me, with the ups and downs of my footsteps. The grain of sunlight is poured in every corner, let me learn to be independent in loneliness Cigarettes Online, learn to be confident in the low, and learn to face in pain. Years of ruin, brown skin has not stopped fighting, life will always sing a resounding triumph, old trees are not old, youth forever!
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GT3 Treff Forum » Fahrzeugforum für Porsche GT3 » Porsche GT3 Tuning » The bark is old, mottled
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